Lift Family Dance Evenings

Lift Dance 2014-05-02


Once or twice a year, Lift hosts a Circle Dance Evening: fun group dances are taught and called out to music, inspired by dance patterns from England, Scotland, and the United States, from the 19th century. 

It's a great way to meet people, learn something, get exercise and have fun all at the same time. No experience necessary. If you can count to 8 and you generally know your right from your left, you'll be ok!

You are welcome: singles, couples, families; teens, adults, and children ages 7+.


All steps are first be taught and then called out as we put them to music. We learn & laugh together! 

Lift Dance 2014-05-02 jolly gordonDances in circles, reels, and squares - partners change frequently. Think of the balls in period movies like Pride & Prejudice. We dance the Virginia Reel, the Patty-Cake Polka, Sheena's Saunter, the Circle Waltz and many more.

Come as father-daughtermother-sonhusband-wife for a date night without the under-7-year-olds; with friends or your whole family; or just bring yourself and find partners at the dance as you make new friends. Partners change frequently as the dance moves along.

Please bring a finger snack to share (sweet or salty, whatever you prefer); drinks, exercise, fun, and new friends provided!

To RSVP or for more information please contact Katherine or David,

If you wish to be added to our dance mailing list to be directly alerted of future dance evenings, please let us know.